Student Projects

Students strongly interested in operating systems, distributed systems, cloud computing or graph processing are encouraged to propose their own projects or speak with us to define a project. 

If interested, please include CV and transcripts with your e-mail. 


Bachelor student project

   For more than 10 years, non-profit HSeT ( has been working on providing world-class materials for medical-related training.  Led by world-renown experts, it offers teachings from basic medical education to state-of-art advancements in bio/medical researches to world-wide audiences in academics/industries/field workers.  

We are in the process to expand the IT infrastructure to better develop, maintain and access these materials.  In particular, we would like to take advantage of some of the latest IT technologies and content development processes to 
– simplify and improve the process of developing these education materials;
– enhance and incorporate latest developments in medical research and education, e.g., use simulations to model bio/medical processes;
– enable access of these materials from other e-training platforms (e.g., Moodle);
– apply latest software tools/environments to better manage these materials;
– etc.
Some of the tasks are:
– to populate a Git-repository with the contents from SQL server, build mechanism to sync up the latest commits from Git-repository and SQL server;
– to try out some editors to propose to prepare rich text contents by medical personnel;
– to incorporate various checkers (e.g, HTML checker, spell checker, etc.) for the push into Git-repository;
– to convert all Flash-videos to HTML5 systematically;
– to build automated test-suite for the current website, using Selenium IDE/web driver;
– to incorporate Google search console/Google analytics to improve current website;
– to build a Moodle course as an example based on the current material to estimate the effort to access from other e-training platform;
– to add some modeling and/or simulation software(s) to the current contents, to better understand the computing requirements necessary;
– to use some recent testing/security checking tools for web apps to improve the quality and security of current website;
– etc.
You can choose 2-3 items from the above list for the work in the semester.
We are looking for self-motivated somebody to help with this effort.  You will be working with the experts in their fields, learning to use up-to-date IT technologies and applying them in a real-world setting, gaining first-hand experiences in the full process. Basic knowledge of web development, database, software development process are required.  If you are interested, please contact Ms. Li Long,